Enjoy the joy of the National Day Mid Autumn Festi

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In order to thank the new and old customers for their love and support for us, nature · crany brand has launched "beautiful women, happy enjoyment" - crany's national day happy enjoyment activity, giving you a deep feeling and love. Its wardrobe products have launched various rebates and package discounts, which really benefit consumers. If you sign the order on site, you can also get a gift bag of corani boutique kitchenware, as well as multiple surprises for you to enjoy

this activity is a beautiful "Yuehui" specially tailored for female customers across the country. It is a franchise store of corani wardrobe brand, which will open the romance of the whole city for you. For details of the event, please visit the local store of corrani

time of activity: September 26 to October 7

place of activity: corani stores of various brands in China

content of activity:

1. Gift of beautiful women

during the activity, visit the site in person and receive a beautiful holiday gift. The quantity is limited until it is delivered

2. Pay a deposit and give a big gift

customers who order cabinets and wardrobes (pay 1000 yuan) during the event will give a large gift bag worth 1688 yuan. The coupons will be more preferential

3-1. During the event, the amount of ordering the whole cabinet and wardrobes will reach 8000 yuan, and 10% cash coupons can be returned (only for hardware and electrical appliances)

3-2. During the event, the amount of ordering the whole cabinet and wardrobes will reach 12000 yuan, 15% cash coupon can be returned (only for hardware and electrical appliances)

4. 0 profit headquarters special price package:

during the event, crany cabinet | wardrobe 0 profit headquarters special price package (for more details of the preferential price of the package, please consult the local crany store)

wardrobe package. The color of this wardrobe promotion package can be: Yellow oak, South African rosewood, Dark Walnut: the promotion price of the cabinet is calculated according to the projected area

it can be designed according to the combination of cabinets No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 specified by the company. Non standard products do not participate in the discount of preferential activities, and promotional packages cannot participate in any other preferential activities

1 cabinet (500*586*h), equipped with 5 laminates

2 cabinet (800*1200*586*h), equipped with 1 laminate

3 cabinet (600*586*h), equipped with 2 laminates

4 cabinet (400*586*h), equipped with 5 laminates

the cost of other functional accessories such as drawers and clothes poles is calculated in addition

[corrani cabinet] light classical baking paint "0" profit package price 1: large discount on the original price, Direct reduction of ¥: XXXX yuan

[krani cabinet] fashion wear-resistant board "0" profit flagship store promotional cabinet package 2: directly bargain on the basis of the original price of 10000 yuan, and reduce ¥ XXXX yuan

kolani krani is a famous brand design agency in Germany, which originates from kolani limited, Arnsberg home design company in Germany. Its designed home products inherit the essence of German industrial civilization and advocate freedom, nature A healthy lifestyle is the initiator and communicator of the pure German concept of life, and the lifestyle has been brought into China. Adhering to the corporate vision of "happy living in the world", corrani always reflects the respect and care for people, takes the happy "Puzzle" as the main pictograph, and advocates the humanistic concept of "enjoying home and happy life"

corani brings together customized household products with different styles and materials, such as cabinets and wardrobes. Through personalized customization, professional design and fine combination, it fully meets various personalized needs of consumers, reflects the respect and care for people all the time, and provides customers with pure German healthy life, professional services, human design and other customer values. Corani custom home products always adhere to the pure German custom core DNA gene of "9 pure standards and professional authentication". Its products lead the trend and are famous all over the world with unique design, leading technology, exquisite workmanship and extraordinary quality

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------; Enjoy "e

for more activity discounts, please pay attention to the local krani wardrobe franchise stores and the detailed introduction of activity promotion

welcome to corani to enjoy the moon - " Enjoy "e;, Enjoy more benefits for beautiful women




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